Twitter Went Mad For This Crafty Game Of Turning Albums Into Old Book Covers

It was quiet morning on Twitter. A morning like any other. Offence was taken, minor whirlpools blew up and disappeared, Leo GIFs were shared. Business as usual. Ah, but then this stirring missive was fired into the ether, shattering the calm, disrupting the normality like a stack of rock’n’roll records chucked in a paddling pool.

What a great idea! One that’s bound to take off on social media. I’d love to get involved, but words are my thing really, not pictures.


Well anyway, it’s all designed to tie in with World Book Day on Thursday (March 3) and comes after the Charlatans shared these images of their 12 studio albums re-imagined as vintage book covers. All in all, Twitter took very warmly indeed to the idea of designing albums as knackered old books, as we shall see…

The Charlatans’ Tim Burgess’ got another nod

Fun Lovin’ Criminals got femme-fataled

That woman will help you find yourself, and lose your head.

Spiritualised goes all Flash Gordon

J. Spaceman’s ALIVE!?

Bob Dylan gets a makeover

A very literal makeover.

The Queen is dead, boys

“Charles don’t you ever crave / To appear on the front of the Daily Mail / Dressed in your Mother’s bridal veil?”

In fact, a couple of Smiths efforts turned up

To be fair, they lend themselves quite well to the project, don’t they?

Though there were some more contemporary redesigns

Seriously, what is it with women and guns?

The Vaccines one on the left might be our favourite yet

If it’s not on the merch stand when they play the Royal Albert Hall on April 20, we’re gonna have a right sulk.

But, in the main, people understandably opted for classic albums

And George from the Roald Dahl book George’s Marvellous Medicine has certainly lost his innocence here.

This dude Marcus Hislop was bang into it, cropping up time and again

His Fatboy Slim one’s actually a work of art.

Look! He can’t stop himself!

Marcus, you have found your calling.

Veteran Manchester punks The Buzzcocks get domesticated

Though that kid is scaling that stool in a fairly anarchic way.

A double whammy!

T-Rex and British Sea Power: two bands that have literally never been thought of side-by-side before.

This pulp romance novel has a newly melancholy tone

Accurate release date, too. We like your style, Sara.

And where better to finish than with Bowie (and Marcus)?

Two greats.

So, that’s what stirred up Twitter today. A little game that spiralled into a collective art project. Enough to warm your cockles, no? To warm our cockles to dangerously high levels, have at go at your own #AlbumsAsBooksCovers, and don’t forget to tweet @NME with your efforts. Top tip: as ever in this life, ask yourself, “What Would Marcus Do?”