Alice Cooper – Does Rock’n’Roll Kill Brain Cells?

Testing musicians’ memories after a lifetime of abuse

What did you try to get Kermit The Frog and Gonzo to do when you appeared on The Muppet Show in 1978?
“Sell me their souls to be a rock star. Doing The Muppet Show was maybe the most fun I ever had. You’re just talking to some guy’s hands, but they take on such a personality you completely forget!”

Who performed on Loose Women when you were a guest in July 2008?
“A girl band called… The Saturdays? They were very cute so I remembered them.”

What is the interesting fact about Milwaukee as discussed with Wayne and Garth in 1992’s Wayne’s World?
“In Algonquin, it means ‘the good land’. Mike Myers called me up and said, ‘We need somebody of your stature that we can go, ‘We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!’ to, and it would be great if it could be you.’ I went, ‘Well, sure.’ When we got there, I thought I was just doing a song, and I saw about five pages of dialogue. I went, ‘Wow, when are we shooting this?’ They went, ‘10 minutes.’ So most of what I say I was making up.”

Alice Cooper

Can chickens fly?
“I tell you what, chickens don’t fly as much as they plummet. I thought since they had feathers that they would fly but when I tossed mine into the air, it crashed into the audience and fell to pieces.”

You bought the ‘O’ when the original Hollywood sign was auctioned off in 1978. Who bought the ‘H’?
“Hugh Hefner. They were $27,000 each. I cut mine up into pieces and I gave them out to my friends.”

What is wrong with Kamp Krusty as featured in the Simpsons episode in which ‘School’s Out’ features?
“The food, the accommodation, everything! It was hell on earth. They were making wallets and Krusty souvenirs; it was child labour! I’ve written for The Simpsons comics and I’ve had three songs in
The Simpsons but I’ve never been on as a character. That’s something on my bucket list!”

Why didn’t you go to your own prom?
“’Cos I was in the band playing at the prom! We were called The Spiders, then The Earwigs. The guys in bands are always the guys who pick up dates. You’re in a better position than being at the prom!”

The cover of your 1983 album ‘DaDa’ is based on the painting of which artist?
“It’s a small piece of a Salvador Dali painting called Slave Market. If you step back it looks like a skull. I’m a big Salvador Dali fan.”

You’re a self-confessed admirer of Kylie Minogue, so here’s a question about Kylie. Kylie has had her likeness created four times by Madame Tussauds. Who is the only person to have had more?
“I can only think it’s going to be Elvis.”
Incorrect. Her Majesty The Queen

Alice Cooper

Who does Alice join at the ‘mad’ tea party in Alice In Wonderland?
“The Mad Hatter. The March Hare. And the sleeping Dormouse!”

Total Score: 9/10
“That’s going to be hard to beat! I haven’t had a drink in 30 years, that’s probably why I can remember so much!”

This article originally appeared in the November 13 issue of NME

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