[magtext]Off the back of their stratospheric rise, Alt-J's album 'Awesome Wave' gets pulled apart by NME. Find out EVERYTHING imaginable about the tracks, including why triangles are their “favourite shape”.[/magtext]


[subhead]Dog Is Dead Do 'Thriller'[/subhead]
Hee hee, OW! Can you dance the 'Thriller' dance? In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Michael Jackson’s album (the biggest selling of all time), indie boys Dog Is Dead go to work on learning the routine. Cha’mone!


[subhead]We Test Wes Borland's Braincells[/subhead]
Being in Limp Bizkit must have been challenging at the best of times. But nothingcould be more challenging than taking the NME Braincells quiz…

[subhead]We Review Rihanna[/subhead]
Rihanna has released her 7th album in as many years and celebrated by playing 7 gigs in 7 countries in 7 days. Do you see a theme emerging? Just wait till you find out what score NME gives 'Unapologetic'…


[subhead]On The Road With Rolo Tomassi[/subhead]
On the road with a new line-up, Sheffield’s finest put the hard in hardcore.


[subhead]Plus, We Join Toy On The Road[/subhead]
What do you know? Also on the road are exciting new London noisemakers Toy! It’s a double on the road special…


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