An Alternative Bonfire Night Playlist

It’s Bonfire Night tonight, but that doesn’t mean you want to listen to Katy Perry wailing on and on about ‘Fireworks’ all night does it? Of course not. Nobody wants that. We’ve done a quick whip-round the NME office to find some alternative songs that might fit tonight’s not-at-all dystopian celebration of open fires, airborne explosions and the ritual burning of political protestors.

We’ve got Bowie’s new one ‘(You Will) Set The World On Fire’ as well as classic tracks dedicated to the flame by Johnny Cash, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors and Arthur Brown. Then there’s a song about fireworks by Drake, one about the sky lighting up by PJ Harvey and even a tune to dedicate to whoever has to light them: Sleeper’s ‘Pyrotechnician’. Carter The USM’s ‘Born On 5th November’ tells the very British tale of Guy Fawkes night, while ‘Look Into The Air’ by Explosions In The Sky might be the most perfect twinning of band name and song title ever. Meanwhile, Johnny Boy’s hugely under-rated Phil Spector-esque anthem ‘You Are The Generation Who Bought More Shoes And You Get What You Deserve’ is surely the greatest song ever to incorporate the actual sound of launching fireworks into it.

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