Arcade Fire, ‘The Suburbs’ – What Do You Think?

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So it’s finally out. After weeks of teasers and trailers, Arcade Fire’s third album is in the shops – and the critical reception has been predictably ecstatic. Our own Emily Mackay gave the album 9/10, saying: “They’ve judged their moment perfectly, and this deserves to be their ‘Automatic For The People’; an album that combines mass accessibility with much greater ambition.”

Arcade Fire don’t really get bad reviews, they’re one of those bands critics mostly agree on – but here are a few other raves if you want to compare and contrast:

[Drowned In Sound]

You can listen to clips of all the songs on the album via this player:

Meanwhile, here’s a video interview in which the band discuss some of the key themes on ‘The Suburbs’ – namely, fear of technology, and nostalgia for suburban childhood.

But now it’s over to you. What do you make of the album. As good as you’d hoped? Any standout moments? Any (God forbid) weak spots?

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