Arctic Monkeys New Track ‘Don’t Sit Down…’ – You Review

Arctic Monkeys released their new single ‘Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair’, the first to be taken from their new album ‘Suck It And See’, online last night.

With the song available to download now and a limited edition seven-inch vinyl version set to be released on Record Store Day on Saturday (April 16) – fans will be clambering to get their copy and give their judgement.

‘Suck It And See’, which features the vocal contributions of Josh Homme, will be released on June 6.

Arctic Monkeys

As Alex Turner’s voice echoes over the start of ‘Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair’, the ominous warning tones of “Break a mirror, roll the dice, run with scissors, through a chip pan fire fight” sound more in the vein of Last Shadow Puppets than the Monkeys.

But as the thudding drums kick in, Sheffield’s finest are clearly back with a tale-telling, guitar-heavy sound that wouldn’t sound out of place on their 2006 debut.

On Twitter people were almost entirely positive, praising the track as a return to form.

@andykiko wrote, “Liking the sound of the new Arctic Monkeys track, their third album totally passed me by so hopefully this one won’t.”

But @ashleymeerkat wasn’t impressed by the name of the track, “I thought they were joking about the title of (the new) Arctic Monkeys new song, they weren’t, (I’ve) heard it.”

Many fans pointed out Josh Homme’s influence on the new material – @StephenMilnes said, “Loving the new Arctic Monkeys song Can hear the Josh Homme influence all over. Excited for the album.”

And @ubermint claimed, “Well the new Arctic Monkeys song sounds like Queens Of The Stone Age with a Yorkshireman singing on top.”

Arctic Monkeys

On the official Artic Monkeys Facebook page, the reaction from fans was mixed:

Fan Paul Hughes loves the new track, “Amazing new song, bought it the second it was available. You are the best.”

But Sandro Geisshüsler wasn’t impressed, arguing: “These two songs I’ve heard from the new album were goddamn awful! A fan isn’t a person who just likes everything a band does. I’m a big fan… I think they’re the greatest band of this century! And if I don’t like a song by them, then I say so!”

Arctic Monkeys

On the NME Facebook page, fans thought the track was better than ‘Brick By Brick’ – which the band streamed online earlier this year.

George Quint wrote, “So much better than ‘Brick By Brick, at least this song has lyrics, and it even mentions shell suits!”

And Aelsy Bojorquez said, “‘Brick By Brick’ is cool, but this song is better.”

A return to form or a new direction? Let us know what you think of ‘Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair’ below…

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You can pre-order ‘Suck It And See’ at now.