Axl Rose Cancels Guns’N’Roses’ Reading And Leeds Set – Who Should Take Their Place?

Update (16/8/10, 12.15pm) – a spokesman for Reading and Leeds has confirmed that Guns N’ Roses will play the scheduled dates

Until today, Axl Rose’s Twitter account was mostly just a source of mundane updates and the odd mild amusement (his shot on the Power Plate caused a bit of a stir). Then he apparently went and dropped this bombshell today:

“All upcoming Guns N’ Roses dates are officially cancelled. Please contact your place of purchase for any refunds.”



The Slash-less band currently known as Guns N Roses know nothing about it judging from their own Twitter page, and the current speculation is that it’s just a dumb hoax (he normally tweets from his iPhone and this uncharacteristically matter-of-fact text from a mobile could be the work of someone else.)

But if it is true, what do you think? Why did he do it? Could there be a legitimate reason or is he being a total tool? And if he pulls out of Reading and Leeds who should replace the band that so many fans had paid to see and were craving in all their live glory?