Axl Rose’s Best Tantrums Caught On Camera

Rhiannon Moore takes a look at what happens when Axl Rose throws his toys out of the pram…

Axl Rose is almost as well known for being late as he is a great performer. His tantrums and ego are legendary. Whether you stand by Axl as a devoted fan or just want to lock him in a room full of Slash memorabilia forever more, take a look at some of Axl’s ‘Best’ tantrums.

1. Axl stops mid song to yell at a fan for having a camera (1.12). After security ignore his requests to get the fan out he decides to have a quick scrap before going home early. Made even better by the band deciding to carry on playing while Axl throws himself into the crowd.

2. Axl lashes out at the paps (0.34).

3. “STOP!” demands Axl when a bottle of water is thrown at him (0.09). We presume he didn’t want to cool down?

4. Another bottle incident… Wonder if he would act in the same way if it was a pair of knickers?

5. Yet again a set is stopped, this time in Newcastle 2006 (0.32), after something is apparently thrown. Is anyone else starting to think that he turns into an ogre after midnight or something?

6. “Come up on stage, I’ll knock you the fuck out,” says Axl to a rowdy fan (2.21)

7. Axl’s Dublin tantrum in 2010 (1.35). Okay let’s do the math. Late Axl = annoyed fans, so late Axl + annoyed fans = Bottles.

8. Axl tells off fans for being too rough in the mosh pit.

9. Rose throws the mic and walks off, leaving fellow members to carry on without him.

10. And of course Reading festival.