Backstage At The View’s Shockwaves NME Awards Show

As you’d expect – and as NME found out – backstage with The View is a heady mixture of soothing panpipe music, fiercely contested games of backgammon and grape eating contests.

Ok, ok, we’re lying.

We caught up with the feisty tykes a few minutes before their Shockwaves NME Awards Show at London KOKO on Monday (February 10).

As you’ll see from the videos below, when gearing up to go onstage the Scots like nothing more than slapping each other, wearing eyeliner and singing Beatles songs.

Here’s Kyle and Kieren talking about the band’s pre-gig rituals. If you’re reading, Jon Bon Jovi, watch out…

And here’s Kyle having a stab at Beatles’ classic ‘I’ve Just Seen A Face’:

The View were supported at their Shockwaves NME Awards show by Twisted Wheel and Tommy Sparks (you can read the latter’s backstage blog elsewhere on NME.COM). They didn’t need much encouragement to big-up the Wheel.

Here they are talking about fancying their string section. Who were very good looking, it has to be said…

And finally, here’s Kyle playing the original BBC Snooker theme tune. A classic intro song that has – absurdly – been replaced with something so rubbish in recent times that the new version isn’t even on YouTube. Oh well.

Check next week’s issue of NME (on sale Wednesday 18 February) for a full review of the gig.