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Bands On Tumblr - 13 Must-Follow Artists

By David Renshaw

David Renshaw on Google+

Posted on 02 Apr 13


Somewhere between the stream of consciousness babbling that is Twitter and the boring updates of an official website lies Tumblr, the easy to use and often lovely to look at blogging platform. Naturally, loads of musicians have found a home on there with their creative side reveling in a format that encourages the sharing of music, pictures, words and, most importantly, gifs. NME is on Tumblr, obviously, and so are these must-follow stars.

Azealia Banks


URL: http://actuallygrimes.tumblr.com
How often do they post? Numerous times a day, every day.
Best post: Grimes’ personality and interests fit perfectly with Tumblr. Her posts include a mixture of interesting thoughts on music and her role in the industry as well as lots of tour pictures, anime and K-Pop. See this considerate post about Lena Dunham and Girls.


URL: http://iam.beyonce.com
How often do they post? Tends to be infrequent but lots of posts at once when they come.
Best post: Where to start? Beyoncé's Tumblr offers a window into a life most of us will never live. It can occasionally get a bit like a spread in Hello! but divided into 'My Work' and 'My Life' sections, the latter offers a more fun side of Queen B. Look, Beyoncé playing pinball!

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean

URL: http://frankocean.com/
How often do they post? Whenever the mood grabs.
Best post: Cryptic and cool, Frank shares his love of cars and his Odd Future mates on Tumblr while offering up philosophical brain farts along the way. Obviously, the blog gained most attention, however, when Ocean famously wrote about his relationship with a male friend back in 2012.


URL: http://diivnyc.tumblr.com
How often do they post? Every few days, generally.
Best post: "Fuck SXSW", was the message DIIV sent out during the recent Texas industry circle-jerk. The post came from the band's Tumblr and this blog is a mixture of band updates and on the road pictures. Lead singer Cole recently posted a pretty risqué picture of himself with girlfriend Sky Ferreira too.

The xx

The xx

URL: http://xx-xx.co.uk/
How often do they post? Sporadically.
Best post: Originally started as a place to post influences on their second album 'Coexist'. Unlike many other artists’ Tumblrs which can be a bit self-congratulatory, The xx like nothing more than to share their favourite music. Check out recent posts recommending new tunes by Mount Kimbie and Deptford Goth.

Pete Wentz

URL: http://petewentz.com/
How often do they post? Every other day.
Best post: Tumblr is perhaps the closest modern day relative to the emotional handbook that was LiveJournal so it is fitting that Fall Out Boy bassist and King of the Emos Pete Wentz is a big Tumblr fan. He uses his blog to keep fans of the recently reunited band updated about behind the scenes goings-on as well as lots of pop-culture pics and gifs.

The Weeknd

The Weeknd

URL: http://the-weekndxo.tumblr.com/
How often do they post? Often.
Best post: Dark and mysterious, The Weeknd's Tumblr is sparse but enticing. Offering a small glimpse into the seedy world from which his paranoia and sex-fuelled tunes come from. Expect lots of "everyone is having a nice time but I'm still miserable" shots like this.


URL: http://skrillex.tumblr.com/
How often do they post? Daily, at the very least.
Best post: Who doesn't want to party with Skrillex? Try and keep up with the dubstep don as he travels the world, posting pictures and stories from the cusp of the drop.

Summer Camp

URL: http://summercampmusic.tumblr.com
How often do they post? Regularly.
Best post: Take your pick from any of the duo’s Q+A sessions with their fans. Free from the 140-character shackles of Twitter they are able to chat openly with their followers who send in questions via Tumblr's chat function. This recent chat about films is a good example of their down to earth patter.



URL: http://fidlar.tumblr.com/
How often do they post? Only occasionally.
Best post: FIDLAR use their Tumblr to talk about Sartre, re-blog their favourite authors and question the true meaning of art. Not really, they share skateboarding videos and have a backdrop featuring animated bongs. Still, this band gif is pretty rad, as they say in LA.

Hayley Williams

URL: http://yelyahwilliams.tumblr.com
How often do they post? All the time.
Best post: 'Let's be freaks' is the strapline for this blog and the Paramore singer has created a real community feel with her blog acting as a mixture of band stuff and an opportunity to geek out on her interests, including cats and very cool old ladies.

Azealia Banks

URL: http://azealiabanks.tumblr.com/
How often do they post? A lot but not as much as she tweets, which is a relief.
Best post: Ok, we're all waiting on the album but in the meantime those unfamiliar with the explicit version of Azealia's lyrics can see exactly what she is saying is gonna get eaten on '212'.

Sky Ferreira

Sky Ferreira

URL: http://skyferreira.tumblr.com/
How often do they post? Every so often.
Best post: Pictures of herself dressed like an extra from Spring Breakers dressed in her boyfriend's band t-shirt, the Sky Ferreira Tumblr is basically a scrolling zeitgeist love-letter to its creator.


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