Beady Eye, ‘Bring The Light’ – What Do You Think?

So – the new track from Liam Gallagher’s band Beady Eye. No massive surprises. Come on, it’s Oasis without Noel. What were you expecting, a clanging death-step number?

That’s no bad thing, though. Within about a minute all the Oasis trademarks have been ticked off – Liam’s Lennon-ish vocal twang, a hulking lyrical cliche (chorus: “Baby hold on, baby come on”), an outrageous Beatles steal (in this case the guitar solo, a nod to ‘Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey’).

A seize-the-moment anthem about love and booze, ‘Bring The Light’ tells of a relationship that’s all the more exciting because it’s not quite perfect (“I’m coming up, you’re coming down”), and is based on a hammering rock n’roll riff that ratchets up to something more urgent and krautrocky, in that ‘Shock Of The Lightning’ way.

Neither as shimmeringly perfect as ‘Songbird’, nor as lumpen as ‘Little James’, it serves as a reminder that Liam’s a gifted songwriter in his own right. It’s no radical departure, but who’d want that from this band anyway? The whole thing’s as comforting and reassuring as pulling on your favourite battered old leather jacket.

Beady Eye, ‘Bring The Light’ – free download

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