1. Beady Eye – ‘Bring the Light’
You've more than likely already heard the ex-Oasis man's first single with his new band, Beady Eye, but we feel compelled to include it in this week's round-up. There's already a discussion going over here, so join in and share your thoughts on Mr. Gallagher's new track.
Beady Eye

2. OK Go – ‘This Will Be Our Year’ (The Zombies cover)
This song's been around for a while - it appeared on the 'Future Soundtrack for America'compilation in 2004 and on the 2006 soundtrack for the film John Tucker Must Die. But we've only just noticed that OK Go's lovely cover of the Zombies track is available as a free download on the band's website, in exchange for signing up to their e-mail list.

3. The Wombats – ‘Jump Into The Fog’
And now for another new song from The Wombats, from their forthcoming album, due out in February. A bit less peppy than typical Wombat material, but we're well excited about this new sound.

4. Tobacco feat. Zackey Force Funk – ‘Lamborghini Meltdown’
This is a free download you don't want to miss. Arizona-based electro man Zackey Force Funk helped out with this closing track from Tobacco's new digital EP 'LA UTI', which is available on November 23rd.

5. Dinowalrus – ‘Phone Home from The Edge’
Besides having an insanely cool name, they've produced an insanely cool song, which is from the band's second album. Head over to the Brooklyn-based psychedelic synth-punk band's website for a few more free mp3s if you dig them (but warning, it's insanely bright and it will hurt your eyes).

6. Pogo – ‘Wishery’
This is a track comprising of sound effects, musical chords and vocal syllables from the classic 1937 Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Does it really need much more of an introduction than that? Was enough to make us give it a listen and fall in love with it.

7. Kanye West feat. Talib Kweli, Q-Tip and Consequence – ‘Chain Heavy’
Here's some more new Kanye for you all, this time featuring Talib Kwely, Q-Tip and Consequence. The track's supposedly set to appear on the deluxe edition of Kanye's forthcoming new album, 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy'.
Kanye West

8. Dark Dark Dark – ‘Daydreaming’ (Tom Inhaler remix)
Nylon Magazine is giving away this killer remix of Dark Dark Dark's latest single, 'Daydreaming' (as well as the original version, if you care to compare the two). The Minneapolis-based band's new album, called 'Wild Go', is available now.
Dark Dark Dark

9. Mount Kimbie – ‘Carbonated’
Another new track from one of our favourite electro-duos, this one's a bit more soft and airy than what we're used to from them - but in a good way. The track's from their album 'Crooks & Lovers'.
Mount Kimbie

10. Yo Video - 'Guns and Horses' (Ellie Goulding cover)
Yo Video are a brand spankin' new act from from London. They've done remixes for Scorcher and Aggro Santos, and now they've released this awesome Ellie Goulding cover. With another track due out by the end of the year, we're eager to find out how their sound will unfold.

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