Beyonce, ‘Party’ (Featuring Andre 3000) – Track Review

Of late, Beyonce seems to have got quite leaky. It seems like not a day goes by when another track from ‘4’ doesn’t appear on-line. Not that we’re complaining, from the sounds of it we have an album that rivals ‘I Am… Sasha Fierce’ for the “every song could be a single” factor.

Recently we’ve had the double weepy whammy of ‘Best Thing I’ve Never Had’ (a hard-edged gospel ballad) and ‘1+1’ featuring a guitar solo which Santana would think was “maybe a tad bit indulgent”.


‘Party’ (featuring Andre 3000) appeared yesterday and disappeared from most blogs before you could say “OMG, it’s a cease and desist order!” (We actually had one of our @NMENewsFeed Tweets deleted).

Cool Things About ‘Party’

1) Unlike either the future-looking ‘Run The World (Girls)’ (inside-out afro-beat), or ‘Till The End Of Time’ (Diplo remixes Fela Kuti with vocals by Florence), this tracks finds Beyonce looking to the past. With its old skool synths and dropped beats, it calls to mind the 80s reign of Soul-Glo.

It also makes good on her promise of ‘4’ being influenced by the likes of DeBarge, Lionel Richie and Teena Marie.

2) Andre 3000. Well we don’t need to tell you how his sheer presence improves every song he’s on by 100% (he even made Ke$ha briefly bearable on ‘Sleazy'(Remix)). His role on ‘Party’ seems mainly to lurk in the background, playing a vaguely Wyclef “One Time” role. That’s until his mid-song rap, where he muses on getting older and eating take-away in a food court.

3) When “care” becomes “currrr“. From the woman that some paint as impersonal and business-like, her Dirty South turn of phrase is a much appreciated personal touch.

4) All that sepia-tinged nostalgia, makes think of ‘Party’ blasting out of a ghetto blaster during a BBQ from years ago. Findus Crispy pancake, anyone?

5) It reminds us of ‘Get Us On The Bus’ aka Destiny’s Child early, lost classic.


Bad things about ‘Party’

1) It makes us want to gobble down a KFC bargain bucket, lazily in the sun.