Black Kids – Tooth Picks And Paper Towels

Day 9, Kaiser Chiefs Support Tour: Aberdeen, February 27


Poker chips. Can’t find them anywhere. We’ve scoured the UK’s metropolises and backwaters, High Streets and alleyways, off-licenses and Debenhams. Last night we thought we were on to something when we spotted an ASDA (hard to miss) opposite the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh. I asked if the store carries them. Only at Christmas time, the clerk said.

In lieu of betting with chips, we’ve been using 200 toothpicks for our post-show Texas Hold ‘Em tournaments. In addition to being inefficient, this method also inspires cryptic, paper-towel notes-to-self like the one below (in this case, for when a new player buys in).


In other news …

Kevin and I got locked inside the tour bus this afternoon. (One door is completely broken; the other gets stuck shut if the outside handle isn’t depressed correctly.) Thanks to Ricky from Kaiser Chiefs for coming to our rescue.

We’ve discovered that eating at Edinburgh’s Baked Potato Shop (Cockburn Street) and then seeing an old Hitchcock movie at The Filmhouse (Lothian Road) guarantees happiness. For a few hours, at least.

I leave you with a photo of a door adjacent to our dressing room at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Center, where we’re about to play.


Owen/ BK