Since when did Bloc Party become such happy-go-lucky, rib-digging jesters?

Until recently the post-punkers were long-faced pseuds whose interviews were about as much fun as a night on the 'lash' with the Reverend Ian Paisley.

Recently though the foursome have developed a sense of fun.

At T In The Park last weekend, drummer Matt Tong startled fans by pulling a banana from his pants, while Kele indulged in a spot of "mock-jousting" with a roadie.

You wonder what kind of roguish prank they might pull next. Perhaps guitarist Russell will arrive onstage at Reading sporting a pair of comedy breasts and a spinning dickie bow.

The latest evidence of this collective lightening-up is the video for Bloc Party's new single, the previously unreleased 'One More Chance'.

It's a cheerfully cryptic affair that features a ouija board, a young male ballet dancer, and (right at the start) someone who resembles a cross between James Hetfield and Bill Bryson playing daft, flappy-handed keyboards.

'One More Chance' is released on August 10.

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