Blur In Hyde Park – Sex And A Spectacular Mass Bottle Fight

55,000 fans went to see Blur play Hyde Park on each night of July 3rd and 4th.

And dozens of you have already posted comments on NME.COM, saying how much you enjoyed the shows. It seems that almost everyone absolutely loved the shows. Which is nice.

Chances are, however, that none of you enjoyed singing along to ‘To The End’ as much as this pair:

Oh dear.

Thanks to reader Helen Alfree for sending in the link.

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Update: The stiffs at YouTube have taken down the video, apparently. So here’s another highlight from the evening (unless you’re NME’s Production Editor, who thought it was all ‘rather unnecessary’) – 6 billion plastic bottles flying through the air at the gig, like salmon soaring upstream in the sun. Poetic.