Apparently Boy Crisis have a plan to help us all party our way out of the Credit Crunch. We're not sure if the plan is three-fold, or involves any sort of monetary hand outs, but in the meantime we're making do with this exclusive track - 'Boy Crississippi'.

Boy Crisis

Purveyors of sexed-up electro, these boys are huggy hipsters with no qualms about posing with meat cleavers and wearing leather dresses.

This motley crew is named after a Newsweek feature that claimed falling standards amongst young men were down to an intrinsic problem in the mental hard-wiring of their minds.

Being young men Boy Crisis read this report and were, obviously, inspired to knuckle down to some electro science their fathers would be proud of - penning lyrics such as, "Let me love you like you're the shit, girl" - providing they were parented by the likes of Prince, George Clinton, and Pet Shop Boys.

'Boy Crississippi' is an exclusive track from their new album, and is a helpful disco loan to tide you over your musical bank balance.

Download Boy Crisis's 'Boy Crississippi' here

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