Brand New Indie Christmas Songs For 2015, Including The Killers, The Courteeners And Kasabian’s Serge

Does your granny always tell ya that the old songs are the best? Then she’s wrong! Dead wrong! Here are our 10 favourite brand new indie Christmas songs of 2015, including The Darkness, The Killers and The Courteeners.

Best for office party air guitar

The Darkness, ‘I Am Santa’

The Lowestoft rockers return to Yuletide cheer – see the 2003 belter ‘Christmas Time (Don’t Let the Bells End’) – with this stomping, ’70s-influenced power ballad.

Best for disgracing yourself at said office party

Palma Violets, ‘Last Christmas On Planet Earth’

The Lambeth lads embrace the messier side of Christmas, sounding like they’ve stumbled out of the pub long past closing time with whiskey dribbling down their chins.

Best for last minute present shopping

Loose Tapestries, ‘Can’t Wait For Christmas’

Vacuum Cloud and The Decision (aka Noel Fielding and Kasabian’s Serge Pizzorno) team up on this surreal, flamboyant cracker that also boasts a guest verse from Idris Elba.

Best for Christmas carolling

Hinds, “A horrible Spanish Christmas carol”

Shared from officialpalmaviolets

Madrid garage rockers Hinds filmed this “horrible Spanish Christmas carol” (their words) in Hong Kong. It’s a little rougher than the other tracks here, but the joyfulness is undeniable.

Best for ripping open your presents

The Killers ‘Dirt Sledding’ (ft Ryan Pardey and Richard Dreyfuss)

“All I ever wanted were pretty girls, Christmas lights/Mistletoe, holy nights,” exclaim the Las Vegas troupe on their tenth festive song, embracing the holiday spirit with a strong whiff of cheese.

Best for entertaining the children

The Snails, ‘Snails Christmas (I Want A New Shell)’

Future Islands reinvent themselves as The Snails with sax solos and weird lines like “my snail’s full of good will and cheer/My snail’s a-rocking into the new year”.

Best for a post-Christmas dinner stroll

The Courteeners, ‘Winter Wonderland’

Liam Fray wrote this suitably wintry on Norah Jones’ piano in 2011, but finally sees a release in aid of Shelter this year.

Best for slipping into a food coma

Phoenix & Bill Murray, ‘Alone On Christmas Day’

With sleigh bells and jolly piano, the Parisian band and Murray embue The Beach Boys’ modern Christmas classic full of longing and melancholy.

Best for hiding the sherry from your nan

Frankie & The Heartstrings, ‘(Too Right) It’s Christmas (ft Edwyn Collins)’

As chipper as always, the Sunderland tykes bound through their attempt at festive cheer like the Christmas cake sugar high has just kicked in.

Best for Boxing Day blues

Oscar, ‘It’s Christmas Again’

“It’s Christmas again/I still feel the same,” sighs bedroom-pop auteur Oscar over crunching Garageband beats and deceptively uplifting melodies. Swoonsome. Listen to a clip here.