Brighton Punk Rock City – Scene Focus (Free Brides MP3)

Forget the pebble beach and the Vegas-lite tack-fest that is the pier, Brighton has a fantastic wealth of musical gems just waiting to be uncovered. Sure, there’s The Great Escape festival but, awesome as it is, it’s gotta be said there’s a distinct lack of the darker side of the musical tracks on offer during the one weekend of the year the music industry glitterati descend on the city. However, in the dank alleys and side street clubs of the city that likes to call itself ‘London by the sea’ punk and metal life is alive, well and thriving. And if you want proof, just check out the free Brides track at the end of the blog and the YouTube vids of Dead Swans and Fall Of Efrafa.

Exhibit A for your perusal are hardcore five-piece Dead Swans. Their excellent 2008 mini-album, ‘Southern Blue’, showcases a young band wrestling with their place in the world through unimaginably impassioned tunes – The sheer vitriol expressed by vocalist Nick Worthington through the cathartic verbal bile that is the line “It doesn’t matter how hard I scream these songs won’t bring you back” on ’20.0.07’ is downright terrifying in its delivery and sets the tone for both this release and their live shows. Go catch them on one of their jaunts around the country sharpish.

Moving on, throwing together straight up punk and delay-infused noodley ambience onto one sonic canvas may seem like the definition of contradiction but Brides, barely 18 months in existence, make it work fantastically well to the jealousy no doubt of a vast number of their peers. After slaying their audience this year at Download, they’re soon off to Sweden to fly the flag for good old Blighty at the Stage Dive Day Out festival along with such luminaries as Millencollin and Andrew WK. Crikey.

Those who have a hankering for the continuation great rock and roll tradition of distaste and flirtation with controversy will love the track ‘Fred West’, named after Gloucester’s most famous homicidal son. We wouldn’t expect anything less. Before you go and download the awesome exclusive MP3 at the foot of this blog, have a gander at the above recent behind the scenes tour video.

Brides have donated an exclusive and unreleased MP3 to us, or rather YOU. Titled ‘Velvet Ground’ – and up for download at the foot of this here blog – it features their anthemic duelling vocals as well as a heady mix of aggressive riff-out sections and noodley melodic breaks. Remember kids: Always consume responsibly.

Like some weighty concepts? Come in – Fall Of Efrafa will be along shortly to take you on a journey of ambient-metal discovery. Efrafa are a band who place meaning squarely at the centre of music, taking their art to a level unmatched by their associates. Over their two albums to date, they revel in exploring multi-faceted themes of mythology and philosophy. The third – and lamentably final – instalment from these progressive titans drops towards the end of the year and as such, anticipation within the local metal scene has fans salivating already. Just check out the above video for a wee taster…

Download Brides‘ ‘Velvet Ground’ here.

And that’s not all. This is only part one. Keep NFTU bookmarked because there’s another trio of fantastic underground Brighton bands heading your way very soon, including some more content exclusive to And all you chaps and chapettes from around the country with yer own thriving scenes – where are they? What bands are worth talking about? Why is your scene so healthy – and what makes it so special? Comment below, and we’ll see about bigging y’all up.