Buraka Som Sistema – Sound Of Kuduro – Free MP3

Finally, ass shaking is about to be saved. It’s about to be saved from Clapham Common coffee table IKEA house team Groove Armada and their friends over in the Renault Megane boardroom, by Portugese-grown, Angola-influenced party freaks Buraka Som Sistema.

Buraka Som Sistema

They’re re-releasing ‘Sound Of Kuduro’ on Feb 16th, in the process bringing Kuduro – the Angolan carnival house sound and its joint-defying accompanying dance – to the wider world. Kuduro means “hard ass” in Portugese, and this clip should demonstrate why.

We’ve got hold of the Octapush remix, which takes the already insane original and cranks it up several coccyx-shattering degrees. The Lisbonese DJs/remixers are here – check out Ai Nadia.

Buraka are touring the UK from next Friday – details here.

Download the Octapush mix of Sound Of Kuduro here

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