There are only two choices: death, and dubstep - and to avoid one, you have to tolerate the other. At least this year. Personally, and flame me all you like, I love dubstep because I first encountered it through various Northern soundsystems at dirty dirty parties rather than through the telly from Example ("EGGS-ARM-POO"), which has made all the difference, and for which I am eternally grateful.

Whatever you think of dubstep, it's all-pervading, and has attempted to touch up more pop stars than Avid Merrion, with varying success. Take a shit song, put a wob on it, it might suddenly become something you can tolerate. Alternatively, messing with a classic can let the whole school down. Bearing this in mind, I have trawled YouTube for some fun examples ("EGGS-ARM-POOS") of some rubbish songs that have been improved, and some good songs that have been ruined with a dubstep remix. In my worthless opinion.

Nickelback - 'Rockstar'

It's not hard to make this song better, is it.
Verdict: Improved!

Ke$ha - 'Tik Tok'

As dirty as Ke$ha. There are a ton of Ke$ha dubstep remixes on YouTube and they are all better. It's like her natural state.
Verdict: Improved!

Foo Fighters - 'Best Of You'

Now they sound like Linkin Park.
Verdict: Ruined!

Rihanna - 'Only Girl In The World'

I'm SO SICK of this song I'm beyond trying to work out whether it's any good or not. Here is a version I can still listen to - part dubstep, part euphoria.
Verdict: Improved!

Limp Bizkit - 'Rollin''

Aw, bless little Fred, pretending to drive like toddlers do when they get a toy steering wheel. This remix is better than his driving.
Verdict: Improved!

Beethoven - 'Fur Elise'

Oi Beethoven you lazy shit, you forgot the wob. Luckily some of us have the talent to pick up after you.
Verdict: Ruined!

Rebecca Black - 'Friday'

If this had been released instead, things might have been very different.
Verdict: Improved!

Black Eyed Peas - 'Just Can't Get Enough'

What's worse than a Black Eyed Peas song? More versions of the Black Eyed Peas song. I can get enough. I've had it, and dubstep can't help.
Verdict: Ruined!

Bob Marley - 'Jammin''

I'm not suggesting for a moment that this is shit or needed improving, but I like the subtle way it's been done.
Verdict: Improved!

Gotye - 'Somebody That I Used To Know'

Risky to suggest, what with this being the new international anthem, but I honestly prefer this version.
Verdict: Improved!

Feel free to tell me I'm insane, and please do share any dubstep discoveries you've made. I only listen to dubstep remixes now.

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