The most popular download from this blog this year? The Skream remix of La Roux's 'In For The Kill' – indication perhaps that dubstep is truly ready to step up to the mainstream once and for all. Loads of you asked for more like that. Well, ask and ye shall receive.


Caspa is dubstep’s latest acolyte. A West London producer and label owner, Rinse FM stalwart and Fabriclive curator, he’s cut his teeth in all the right places and is set to release his debut 'Everybody’s Talking, Nobody’s Listening' on his own label (of course) Subsoldiers on May 4th.

While the album’s got more than enough true dubstep moments to keep the purists happy (‘Marmite’, ‘The Terminator’) he spends half the time screwing around with the dubplate template, slowing ‘The TakeOver’ (which features MC Dynamite) to a standstill and throwing in straight up Kiss FM pop tunes halfway in (‘Lon-Don City feat Uncle Sam’).

This Kung Fu Hustle-sampling EXCLUSIVE was recorded especially for us by Caspa while touring Canada, and is textbook stuff – half-time beats, bass that rattles your ribcage like a runaway trolley down a cobbled street and that all-important ominous, overlong Pinter-esque pause halfway through.

“Nobody told me the lion’s roar could be done through a loudspeaker. I concede my defeat”.

Download Caspa's Lions Roar here

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I caught up with him over the weekend:

Why does dubstep appeal so much to so many people?
"Because it has something in it for everyone. The sound and range of artists are very diverse; If you dont like Caspa you might like Burial, if you dont like Burial you might like Mala (Digital Mystiks) but at the end of the day its all from the same scene."

Where’s it going next?
"Its going global. I just got back from Romania and 5 days straight of DJing all over and I'm battered!! Next stop is Bristol on Tuesday, Exeter on Friday, Kent on Saturday and leave for Miami WMC on Sunday!
I'm not complaining - I love it!"

What makes a good sample?
"A good sample for me is something that grabs you. Something that stands out as soon as you hear it. I find myself watching movies in a whole different way now."

Tell me about the ‘Lion’s Roar’ sample "That was one of those movie-watching moments I just mentioned. I was watching Kung Fu Hustle at the cinema for the first time and as soon as I heard that sample, I knew what I was going to do with it and what the track was going to sound like: DIRTY AND AGGRESSIVE, like a lion' roar!"

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