Cloud Control & Forest – Free MP3 Downloads

Move over Avi Buffalo! Outta the way Yuck! We’ve got a new bunch of favourite fuzzlings, and their name is Cloud Control. They’re a four piece from Sydney with the best kind of back story; that is to say, one where the only story is of mates living around the block from each other who dallied around with phuzz pedals and analogue recording at weekend.

Cloud Control

Their debut single, ‘Meditation Song #2’ is out soon, but we’ve got an exclusive download of the b-side, ‘The Rolling Stones’. Rather than a tribute to Keef’n’co, it’s actually a perfect four-and-a-bit minutes of perky psych drone where Alister, Heidi, Jeremy and Ulrich woop and holler their little hearts out. You can catch them on tour with Tame Impala, Temper Trap and Local Natives over November, and we thoroughly recommend that you do.

Cloud Control – ‘The Rolling Stones’

Download here

Next, Forest, whose press release calls them “a cool breeze that comes out of the pine forested mind that is Jens Örjeheim’s brain.” Frankly, that makes Mr Örjeheim sound like a brand of air freshener, and doesn’t nearly do the Swedish label Service’s new signings justice at all. Rather, ‘On Your Way’ is as warm and fuzzy as the sweeter regions of Ariel Pink’s brain, spinning with the rhythm of some ye olde fairground ride. Their album’s out on January 20th, but in the meantime, here’s ‘On Your Way’…

Forest – ‘On Your Way’

Download here