This Conservative candidate’s election video is a hot mess – and people think it’s pure Partridge

Politics goes full Partridge

Picture the scene: You’re up for re-election as the MP for East Yorkshire. You’ve had the job for over 15 years now – so you’re feeling pretty confident about it. But there’s always a chance it could go tits up, so you’re going to pull out all the stops. It’s time for a last minute video pledge to your constituents.

You’re a Conservative MP, so naturally you’ve got your tiresome ‘strong and stable’ buzzwords in there – but it’s not enough. It needs something more. It needs a little bit of music to jazz things up a bit.

You are Greg Knight, and you’ve just made one of the worst political videos of all time.

It may seem like a fake, though it is oh-so-real. Knight has gone full Partridge with a custom-made jingle asking for re-election on June 8. “You’ll get accountability, with Conservative delivery/Make sure this time you get it right/Vote for Greg Knight”, so says the video.

Though it’s not the first time ol’ Knighty has done this. His 2010 number, which is equally as shocking, features well over a whole minute of music – albeit in the exact same melody as his new one.

And if that isn’t enough for you – there’s even more. If you head to his official website, you get another belter in the shape of this three minute wonder.

Speaking to Buzzfeed News, Knight confirmed that the video was real and that it “brought a bit of colour to my campaign.” Though he told the site he wasn’t quite sure about the Partridge comparison – “Well, they are the people that don’t like the jingle. I don’t know what the programme is about… I know there is a useless DJ.”

Though it’s doing nothing to stop the comparisons coming thick and fast…