Cover Your Eyes and Ears- It’s The Fantastic Nobodies

NME caught these three, erm, artists at New York’s CMJ Music Marathon last week. We say ‘caught’, what actually happened was that I stood slack-jawed in awkwardness. Not the awkwardness of inadvertently brushing a stranger’s thigh on the tube, we’re talking about ‘oh-great-thanks-for-telling-us-about-your-dogging-party-last-week-nan’ awkward. A trio of performance artists from New York, The Fantastic Nobodies are something else entirely.
We’ll let them give their own bio-” What began 10 years ago as party antics and costume wearing became, in the course of a decade, via relentless Bush Era disillusionment, a highly developed and unique artistic language, if not a cult of urban legend. The Fantastic Nobodies are a cast of performance characters who have collaborated together to create remarkable fusions of art and life.  This is achieved through a common understanding in the group and the subsequent improvisation in the nature and definition of THE MOMENT.”

Image courtesy of {CTS}creativethriftshop

Hear that? THE MOMENT. THE MOMENT (the capital letters appear to be important). THE MOMENT is ostensibly a sort of art happening (wiki link). What THE MOMENT is actually some sub-Jonny-Woo transvestism, lots of masks, some body paint and the worst techno since last year’s Love Parade. Are there any pluses? Well, THE MOMENT is definitely a talking point, and bar sales peaked during the Fantastic Nobodies’ half hour set. And if nothing else, they’re the epitome of Freakscene- unsettling, esoteric and so fucking niche that they’ll only appeal to about two people in the world. Let’s close on a video. 3:00 onwards is where it really ‘goes off’ Enjoy.