Daft Punk To Tour In 2011/2012 – But Which Bands Do You Crave Live The Most?

Daft Punk are back at the front of music consciousness as the news spreads that the robot-headed duo will be embarking on a world tour some time in the next 24 months.

Daft Punk Tour

They’ve already teased fans with glimpses of new music – track ‘Derezzed’ aptly appears in the recently revealed Tron trailer. And now the Head of Music at CAA (which represents Daft Punk) has stated, “the film soundtrack and tour will lead a dance music juggernaut worldwide. This is going to be the biggest tour of next year.”


With Kings Of Leon, Foo Fighters and Take That also unveiling live dates next year and Keith Richards declaring the Rolling Stones will return that’s some statement. And every bit as exciting as it should be.

Few bands can stir up a frenzy of interest in tour tickets on this scale. In past years Led Zepellin and Michael Jackson reigned atop most music fans’ live wish lists, but we can safely assume we won’t be seeing either of them straining in leather trousers in front of a sea of lighters any time soon (for somewhat differing reasons, of course).

So who does that leave, residing high on the Music Fans’ Fantasy Live Shows League?

David Bowie?

The Libertines, fresh from success at Reading and Leeds?
Pink Floyd, whose drummer Nick Mason recently toyed with hopes by hinting they might be up for some charity gigs?

Pink Floyd
A reformed Pink Floyd on stage at Live 8 in 2005.

Promoter-goldmine and pop-spectacular Abba? The ‘real’ Guns N Roses, with added Slash instead of posturing, note-perfect backing band?

Brian Wilson with the remaining Beach Boys? The Velvet Underground? Justice? The Stone Roses? Oasis? (this is a fantasy list, after all…)

Post yours below and you never know, it might just happen…