Dan Black at Club NME KOKO

Last Friday saw none other than electro prodigy and remixer extraordinaire Dan Black hit Club NME KOKO as part of his summer European tour. We sent Thom Ward down to catch up with him backstage about life, love, and the universe (well, about his album and losing all his gear in the mud at Glastonbury).

Plus Thom reports from the night

With a debut album due out Monday and a spot on every critic’s ‘Ones To Watch 2009’ lists, Dan Black arrives at KOKO amid a hailstorm of hype and expectation. But he’s just happy to be here at all.

“I think I’ve just about returned to Earth after Glastonbury,” he shouts to the masses. “It’s great to be here – properly!” It had been a whirlwind weekend on Worthy Farm for Dan and his band of merry men, playing three sets across varying stages of size and capacity, losing his gear and his mind during the process.

Tonight, nothing is lost. Ahead of the release of ‘Un’ (out July 13 via Polydor), Black unveils his life’s work (financed through his parents and his misplaced art school education) with an incredible attention to detail. Black’s confidence undulates through the crowd as he bodypops his way through the likes of ‘Yours’ and ‘Alone’ – their electro-pop eloquence speaking volumes to those swept away before him.

Black’s appeal is clear: simple samples, funky basslines and an ethereal vocal that travels in ceremonial waves, combined with an austere ear and vision of a man who sought the freedoms and virtues that going solo can bring. Black is a man who is relishing his change in direction and challenges that he sets himself, a true showman who alights the stage. Think Sam Sparro does trip-hop and you are nearly there with the value of Black’s commercial appeal.