Dead Kids VS Yo Majesty – Free MP3

Never party with Dead Kids. I tried a few months ago at Club NME Paris and lost four hours.

Maybe I should have seen it coming when their lead singer Mike showed up at Eurostar riding Pegasus.

Dead Kids press shot

That band know how to spend an evening. They also know how to put on a show; their slot before South Central was a absolute brilliant shambles of bloodied limbs and deranged Parisians putting some of their British gig cousins to shame.

This collaboration came about after Yo Majesty saw Dead Kids at a show last year and dragged them into a studio to put down some drunken beats and even more inebriated vocals.

Lead singer Mike says of the results: “Some people might think its an unlikely pairing, but when they hear the heavy soul we are making together they will get it. It’s why I make music. You can get all caught up in your own thing and you forget why you made music in the first place: for the adventure. Making music with them is like going travelling.”

Download Dead Kids and Yo Majesty‘s Into The Fire here

Dead Kids are on tour next week, kicking off at London’s Lexington on February 12. MySpace has all the deets.