Diddy Was Right – ‘Notorious’ DOES Deserves An Oscar

As recently announced on NME.COM, ‘Notorious’ executive producer P Diddy thinks his biopic of the great Notorious B.I.G., which is in cinemas from Friday 13 February, deserves an Oscar. And we tend to agree with him, at least in the following categories.

Best Writing
‘Notorious’ packs in all the highly-strung, bile-spilling relationship wordplay of ‘Revolutionary Road’, but splits the arguments between him and about 12 different women rather than just one couple.

Best Costume
Admittedly mostly centred around the P Diddy character, ‘Notorious’ boasts a selection of ridiculous coats and oversized jumpers (bright yellow, inside-out technicolour) that betrays a far greater imagination than anyone on ‘The Reader”s set.

Best Music
‘The Wrestler’ might have Springsteen, ‘Tropic Thunder’ Creedence AND Enigma, but ‘Notorious’ trumps them all with Kurtis Blow’s ‘The Breaks’ and Mtume’s ‘Juicy Fruit’ blaring at one of its pivotal moments.


Best Supporting Actor
Aside from the not-previously-trained Jamal Woolard as Biggie himself, the young B.I.G. is played pretty damn well by Biggie’s real-life son, Christopher “CJ” Wallace.

Plus, at the screenings they’ve not only been giving out a handbook called ‘The Scripture According To Biggie’ (sample nugget on seduction: “Forget the tele, we just go to the crib, watch a movie in the jacuzzi and smoke Ls while ya do me”) but there was a shooting at the North Carolina one. You don’t get that with ‘Frost/Nixon’.

Facetiousness aside, Notorious is a brilliant two hours – so long as you take it for what it is, a work of glorious cheesiness. At least give it Best Documentary or something now please…

Meanwhile, there’s a guide to the movie at Biggie Bible