Eagles Of Death Metal Salute Lux Interior In L.A.

Yesterday Lux Interior – rantin’-and-ravin’ frontman/madman for the immortal (no pun intended) Cramps – passed away, 32 crazy years after he and his partner in crime, Ivy Rorschach, debuted their mutant strain of diseased, sleazed shockabilly at CBGB.

And as much as I can imagine that Lux is throwing the hottest dead man’s party in the underworld right now (soundtracked by the Cramps’ lusty, sweaty-palmed partystarters like ‘Let’s Get Fucked Up’ ‘Journey To The Center Of A Girl’ and ‘Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?’), I sure am going miss him. I wish the Human Fly didn’t have to fly away so soon.

So I was in an understandably crampy mood last night, and as a result I considered staying in and just listening to ‘Psychedelic Jungle’ on repeat, in the dark, by myself, with a bottle of absinthe, instead of going to the Eagles Of Death Metal/Living Things gig as planned.

But luckily I pulled myself out of the goo goo muck and made it to the Henry Fonda Theater, where I caught EoDM, assisted by “surprise” guest and off/on bandmate Josh Homme, perform an L.A.-centric tribute to one of Los Angeles’s great longtime rock ‘n’ roll residents (Lux and Ivy lived in Glendale, FYI, in a luxuriously interiored gothic palace that seriously made the Addams Family mansion look like an Amish shack):

Here are a couple other clips of EoDM and Homme rocking out in a manner that surely would have met Mr. Interior’s approval (Lux had a wonderfully skewed sense of humor, and therefore probably would’ve appreciated video #1, an oddball cover of the ‘Reservoir Dogs’-popularized ‘Stuck In The Middle With You’):

And the spirit of Lux was also living via opening act the Living Things. The glammy, greasy St. Louis rabblerousers (playing their first L.A. gig in two years) shook, rattled, and rolled the joint with their ass-kicking, groupie-shagging, paint-peeling rawk ‘n’ soul, and leader Lillian Berlin‘s stage banter had a sort of delightfully Luxian humor to it as well:

So, I’m glad I decided to go out and rock out after all. It’s what Lux would have wanted. Rest in pieces, you great ghoulish god.