There is much to love about Everything Everything‘s gleefully ridiculous video for Photshop Handsome, but my favourite bit is the Double Dragon homage at the beginning.

Everything Everything – Photoshop Handsome

Inspired by their wizardry, here is another poorly conceived list. This time videos with classic video game references…

Royksopp – Happy Up Here

If aliens really did attack and they looked like cool Space Invaders then I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

Lady Sovereign – Love Me Or Hate Me

If I play Tetris too much my dreams start to look like this video.

The Go! Team – Junior Kickstart

If the retro TV reference wasn’t enough the video features Ms Pacman!

Frank Black – Whatever Happened To Pong?

Now this is an awesome video.

There must be loads more of these. What have I missed?

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