One can’t imagine Tim Burgess and the Horrors blowing cocaine up each other’s bums (a Charlatan pastime revealed at length in the frontman’s recent autobiography) but they do somehow makes a satisfying pairing.


Tom from The Horrors has remixed ‘The Doors Of Then’ from Tim’s new album ‘Oh No I Love You’ co-written by Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner. It’s a lovely song in its original form but Tom turns it into something hazy and dreamy, as if he’s placed a few sheets of cloudy polypropylene in front of it.

It’s called “the Spaced Cowboy Mix” but it couldn’t be further from Jamiroquai’s canon. A reference, perhaps, to Tim’s technique of hiding his gear in Jay Kay’s LP sleeves because no one would dream they were his?

Check it out below.

Oh No I Love You is out on October 1st  on O Genesis Recordings. The album’s release is followed by a UK tour, starting in Aberdeen on October 18th, taking in The Union Chapel in London on October 24th before finishing in Belfast on 27th.