Fall Of Efrafa – A Band To Believe In

You’ll definitely have to bear with me on this one.
Fall Of Efrafa are from Brighton and are a hardcore/post-metal/ambient/post-hardcore (yeah, told you you’d have to bear with me) outfit with intense political overtones. They also happen to be one of the best bands I’ve heard in the last who-knows-when because they merge all of these weird, disparate influences and create something genuinely thrilling. Check out the video of the first part of ‘Dominion Theology’ below (click ‘more’ for the second part’ – it’s frickin’ awesome).

…and part two…

And yeah, they are what could be called a ‘difficult’ band – 20-minute songs aren’t going to appeal to everyone, but then again that’s because a lot of people are congenital idiots with the attention span of a dying canary. It’s almost like they don’t write songs, they craft mini symphonies out of the sky: their first record, ‘Owsla’, was heavily influenced by crust and hardcore but entirely transcended the boundaries of those genres. And ‘Elil’, its follow-up, takes much more of an Isis/Pelican route, straying much deeper into avant-garde metal territory, but retains an incisive bite that makes it one of the best records released by a homegrown band in ages.

It’s easy to scoff at Fall Of Efrafa for seeming to be so po-faced (scanning over their lyrics isn’t exactly a recipe for fun) but it’s incredibly refreshing to find a band who aren’t afraid of standing up for what they believe in. There’s a real fierceness to their music, which comes not simply from any technical proficiency, but because every shredded note and rasped scream that always seems to be the last howl of an exhausted, dying man is embedded within a belief structure that means, simply enough, they fucking believe what they’re singing about. Yeah, running around in circles is fun but this is a band whose name you could carve across your chest and not regret it two decades later.

You can pick both of their records up for, well, not much money at the Sound Devastation website right here. Do it. Their third and final album is coming out in a couple of months.