Rihanna's hyped 60-date ANTI World Tour, during which she'll perform hits such as 'Umbrella' and 'We Found Love', alongside tracks from most recent album Anti, hit the ground running at the Jacksonville Arena in Florida at the weekend. It was a suitably spectacular event, according to one review from jacksonville.com, which praised the stage craft as much as her stage presence: "the giant shower curtain dripping 10-foot chunks of foam behind the stage... the flying bridge that carried the singer from one end of Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena to the other". Rihanna's not in the UK until June 24 – when she'll tear up Wembley Stadium – but the reaction online suggests it'll be worth the wait. Here's what we've got to look forward to, if the opening night in Jacksonville is anything to go by.

Things got off to a surprisingly genteel start

Rihanna appeared onstage in a hooded costume to perform her emotive 2012 piano ballad 'Stay', though it was no indication of things to come – the song was swiftly followed by the raucous likes of 'Love The Way You Lie' and 'Sex With Me'.

She danced liked a human GIF

And performed an amazing remix of 'We Found Love'

How Deep if your love remix- amazing. #rihanna #rihannaantitour #antiworldtour

A video posted by ryan ali (@mrdonutboy) on

Which @ElizabethKay15 was loving

Though @QueenBeatMUA just needed a sit down

To be fair, Ri didn't sound 100% like she knew where she was

Though she looked fabulous, sort of like a Disney heroine

@iAM_Zenn praised Rihanna's multiple costume changes

And @NijahacuteB wasn't coy either

Which is understandable, because who else could look this cool on a buggy?

And who else could seem so relaxed about playing at a place like this?

While also looking like the fiercest woman on the planet?

She even remembered to thank the crew (albeit profanely)

Including, specifically, the lighting crew, who are required to stay in position during whole the show and, according to Ri, can't piss or shit for two hours". In fact, she was on pleasingly foul-mouthed throughout, who introduced 'Love On The Brain' with the words: "I can't go without singing one of my favourite shits from my [new] album".

Though she was nice and polite on Twitter afterwards

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