Faster Than The Speed Of Sound

Double-time drums; basslines that sound like galloping horses; gigantic slabs of chunky guitar and a singer whose lungs are about to burst. The stuff of life, right? Right.

And that’s exactly why 32FramesPerSecond are so bloody fantastic.

32FPS punk rock blog

(Photo from Paul Calver via MySpace)

Based in Norwich – hardly the most exciting cultural hub but there’s been more than a few awesome little bands to come out of there in the last few years (can I get a woop for Lonely Grey Couch? Days Ago? Kneehigh? Kid Icarus? Blag? Pennines?) – but doing their best to spread the skate punk word around this fair isle, 32FPS have made their name by doing little other than playing harder and faster than, well, most bands.

And yeah, they pay their dues in a big way: you can hear No Use For A Name, Lagwagon, Pennywise and of course NOFX in their melodic assault and battery, but give their album ‘Hit The Ground Running’ a quick squizz and you’ll soon be converted. ‘This Time’ and ‘Where Is Everyone?’ are two genuinely superb belters which would sit pretty next to ‘Stickin’ In My Eye’ without seeming out of place. And there aren’t many bands around these days who you can say that about?

And so, over to you: which bands in your local scene are really worth giving some exposure to? Which bands regularly play shows to seven people – all of whom are absolutely loving it? Leave your comments below.