Florence And The Machine – ‘Dog Days Are Over (Breakage Remix)’ – Free MP3 Download

Florence seems to have avoided a lot of the lazy throw-a-dubstep-on-it rehash-for-cash remixes most pop acts go for. While the Boy 8 Bit mix of ‘Drumming Song’ is still one of the best mixes ever, there’s been quite a few people messing with her tunes to great effect. There was of course that sublime xx take on ‘You Got The Love’ (download here) as well as The Horrors‘ interesting reworking of ‘Hurricane Drunk’ (download here) and the beautiful The Lionheart mix of ‘Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)’ (here).


This Breakage mix for ‘Dog Days Are Over’ is no exception, a sensitive reworking that amps up the BPM without sacrificing the character of her voice. It even makes her sound like Debbie Harry circa ‘Rapture’ at one point.

Download the Breakage of Dog Days Are Over