Foo Fighters, ‘Wasting Light’ – Stream And Offer Your Review

You should know the story by now. Recorded in Dave Grohl’s garage. Done on analogue machines. Their best album in years. ‘Wasting Light’ is one of the most well-received LPs of the year, even if it wasn’t the easiest thing to make. For the full story on Foo Fighters current ruling of the world get NME this week, which features the five on the cover.

Foo Fighters

So what’s the feeling among the world’s critics? Somewhat positive. Everything from “the best Foo Fighters album since ‘The Color And The Shape’ (NME’s Dan Martin – first listen) to “tingly and perfect – feel it in my hair follicles” (random Amazon reviewer).

Rolling Stone gushed over its “eleven tracks of fuzz-box brawn, mosh-pit-hurrah choruses and iron-horse momentum” while Spin decided it “sounds simple, feels anything but”.

Numerous critics stencilled a faint lineage from ‘Wasting Light’ right back to the heady days of grunge and even Nirvana, with one reviewer suggesting the appearance of various luminaries, from Bob Mould to Butch Vig, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear forms “a kind of Voltron of ’90s alt-ness” (CNN).

Dave Grohl

Others were cautiously complimentary. The Guardian branded it “a typically supersized arena-rock barrage, with lots of howling and wailing, every chorus tailored to imaginary walls of pyrotechnics” and Uncut admitted “these are good songs, but they’re so boldly signposted, you can see them from miles away”. The BBC’s Ian Winwood, meanwhile, dismissed it as “nothing more than business as usual: some killer, some filler”. Stereogum nailed it pretty well as they declared several tracks were destined to “appear in inpirational NFL montages”.

Here’s how it sounds and how it was made. What’s your take on the album? Let us know below.