LA hasn't really been pulling its weight musically for a while now. For a city of about 12 million that's given us everything from frazzled pysch to west coast hip-hop over the years, its post-millenium effort (throwing Steel Panther and a couple of tuneless noiseniks from the Smell club our way) doesn't really cut it on the world stage.

However, there have been a few green shoots in the SoCal desert, a couple of progressive pop, "world"-type bands - Rainbow Arabia and Hecuba in particular.

Add to that now Fools Gold, Iamsound's latest signing.

Fools Gold

A multi-member "collective" (bear with them) comprising members of Foreign Born and We Are Scientists' ex-drummer alongside some characters from across the globe (a Brazlian visual artist, an Israeli keyboard player), they create driving tribal pop using a variety of instruments I've never heard of (Axatse shell gourds, goat toe rattles, that kind of thing).

This is their new single, out on Iamsound on November 16th.

Download the Mad Decent Toadz remix of Surprise Hotel here
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