Freakscene – Alternative Ambience In Nhor

‘Only listen to these songs in the dead of night with your eyes closed, alone and with patience.’


Black Metal has had its influence upon many art forms, each as diverse and unexpected as the next but with the one united ability to make your emotions surge.

Nhor swells and drives towards the minimalist area of black metal with gorgeously gentle ambience and haunting minor chords. Its creator explains that the music ‘is an exorcism of loneliness and sorrow’ for them and the phantasmagorical tones really evoke a chilling and wholly heart-aching response, not only to the music but to the whole concept.

Nhor is a project which journeys beyond to the music and towards a moving area of ideas and emotions. Each detail of Nhor is etched with the creator’s personal touch; from the hours spent creating artwork exclusively with UK artist Sin-eater, to empty days in thick forests gleaning inspiration from the surroundings and even further, to the passionate and introverted time spent planning hand-made packaging for the first ever Nhor release due later this year.

Nhor Artwork

‘I think music has become very disposable, it seems to be churned out with little regard for the art of its conception or for any other aspects of music as an art form and as a way of expression,’ the creator comments, and this certainly isn’t a flippant remark. It’s evident from the Nhor music, words and imagery that endless moments have been spent to make this an interesting, touching and an enticing package.

Some ambient music remains as part of a backdrop for a listener, but Nhor is encapsulating. It somehow shuffles a few feet forward and achieves an effortless extension to an occasion of visual sequence and heartfelt physical emotion. Nhor is truly beautiful ambient work, achingly sad and really quite eerie.