Freakscene: Idle Jack And The Big Sleep – Join The New Parade

Idle Jack And The Big Sleep are the most satisfying product to come out of York since the last lot of chocolate bars left the Nestle factory – these lads are certainly better for your lobes, and tastier…well, maybe not.

Having burst on to the scene in 2005 mixing Tool-esque rock heaviness with a Doors-style swagger and their own emotive-yet-schizophrenic orchestral sounds, the band quickly garnered a reputation as one of their city’s most exciting live bands – a tag that stays with them to this day.

The group, made up of Rob Hughes (vocals), Rob (bass), and Mike East (guitar), Simon Himsworth (drums), Jacob Hammerton (guitar) as well as the recent addition of Matthew Hardy on brass, have released two cracking albums to-date. The first of these was ‘Stone Tape Theory Vol.1‘ which sold out in a matter of weeks following its release in ’05 and the second, aptly titled ‘Stone Tape Theory Vol.2’ was released in ’07. The talented multi-instrumentalists also created the soundtrack for the award-winning short film ‘Flapwing And The Last Work Of Ezekiel Crumb’ in 2006.

The unit’s diverse aural assault is born from their ability to create a near perfect balance between harsh and soft sounds and to also take choice elements from the classic and contemporary alternative influences that they (and we) hold dear, chuck them violently into a blender with some delightful riffs and tantalising melodies to let chaos ensue. I believe that there has not been another band in recent memory to come from North Yorkshire who have been able to so readily defy those tempting genre classifications that we love so much, or indeed make the combo of a theremin, a saxophone and a banjo sound so heavy when played on stage at the same time.

Having recently recorded a new EP entitled, ‘Industry’ at The Animal Farm studios in London, the band are now more focused than ever and are ready to unleash their hyperactive and epic live showcase upon a nationwide audience again after a long absence from the UK’s thriving rock scene.

I suggest you take a listen to the aforementioned albums (available now on iTunes) because this music (standout tracks include ‘Luck Pusher’, ‘New Parade’, ‘Hold Me ‘Till I Drown’ and ‘Spark’), will without doubt capture your imagination in one way or another.

In case you are still a little mystified, the best way to describe the listening experience when considering the songs of Idle Jack is that it’s kind of like the satisfaction you may get from a bottle of bubbles that you can blow – you won’t be able to quite put your finger on why they’re so damn addictive, but you will keep going back for more and you’ll marvel as all of these different noises are left floating around you until they explode in your ear and you are then inspired to not only connect with the music on a personal level but also, to rock your f***ing socks off. Does that help you at all?

For more information visit the official MySpace.