Free Native MP3

Big Scary Monsters is, quite simply, one of the finest record labels operating in the UK today. And that’s not because its head honcho Kev ‘Can I have another burger and maybe sightly less vegetables, please?’ Douch operates a truly entertaining blog when he should be, like, signing bands and sleeping with whichever Sugababe is neediest, or whatever it is these industry types do. He’s just signed Indiana’s Native, and you can check out their new video below. Click ‘more’ and scroll a little further and you’ll find a free MP3. Woop!

What’s more, he’s running a competition whereby you get to design the cover of the new Native EP. Read on, dear internet.

Here’s the competition blurb: “All Native need for now is the front cover for their new EP ‘We Delete; Erase’ (saved as a jpg, at least 1400 x 1400 pixels) emailed to BSM at and they’ll pick their favourite one. The winner will be contacted with the rest of the info needed to complete the design, which will be printed up and released in the UK on 13th April. There’s no brief at all. You can draw a picture of your cat, pour paint on your Gran and tell her to say “cheese” or whatever you think is best.

The winner will receive a free copy of the CD along with a Native T-shirt and some other BSM goodies. Deadline is 16th March and the bands decision is final, so don’t even think about it!”

‘Other BSM goodies’? I don’t know about you, but I want me some of that. And that sly use of a semi-colon in the EP title? That’s naughty. So, basically, if you like your post-hardcore jangly, download that MP3 below and get designing.

There will be more Big Scary Monsters bands featured on Notes From The Underground in the near future – do you have any preferences for who you’d like to see give us free MP3s? Click ‘comment’ and let me know. I’ll try and negotiate with BSM’s cabal of high-powered lawyers to see if we can unlock some of the copyright and get some music floating around the interweb.

Download Native‘s Ride The Tide here