I'm loving this band called Ganglians at the moment. First came across them when I did that massive MP3 list of bands from the new music issue (if you never picked up the tracks from that I recommend clicking on the link and downloading at least Light Asylum, Delorean, Pantha Du Prince, Salem and HTRK).

'Lost Words' from that list was a twinkly harmonised treat that came across like a west coast Grizzly Bear, and then the band sent through today's MP3, the more epic 'Valiant Brave', a Black Lipsy slow builder full of feral chanting and screechy guitars. They call it "pure naive headphone acid pop to drive to", but they're probably referring to the Pacific Coast Highway rather than the M4.

It was nearly their new single but they plumped for 'Candy Girl' instead, which is out on April 12th. Debut album 'Monster Head Room' follows on May 10th before they begin a UK tour at London's Cargo on May 12th.


Download Ganglians' Valiant Brave

What do you think of the track?

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Minneapolis Fucking Rocks has a Gorillaz track, 'Rhinestone Eyes', up for grabs.

I went to hear the 'new' Jimi Hendrix album 'Valleys Of Neptune' last week in West London, where those looking after his legacy took over a basement bar and filled it with beanbags, incense smoke and canapes before Eddie Kramer (the engineer that worked on 'Electric Ladyland') told us stories about how Hendrix used to roll around the floor recording guitar lines in one take and that sort of thing before introducing some of the tracks. You know the rest - it sounded astonishing. Get the previously unreleased title track at Treeswingers.

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