‘Have I got a second series?’: The best Political Partridge moments from the general election

Theresa May's victory has sparked a new wave of political memes

Theresa May’s (small) victory in the UK general election last night (June 8) might be bad news for the country – especially given her pledge to form a minority government with the DUP – but some people are trying to make the best of a bad situation. Enter the Political Partridge Twitter account, home of politically-related memes and moments featuring everyone’s favourite fictional Norfolk radio DJ, Alan Partridge. Here’s some of their best work from the election to give you some small respite from the Tories’ continued reign.

“Have I got a second series?”

If only the Queen would respond as the BBC did to Alan and turn May down. Alas, that outcome is highly unlikely.

May 4 the DUP

If you don’t know who the DUP, winners of just 10 seats in the election, head here to find out all the frightening facts you need. Let’s just say it’s not an allegiance you’ll be excited about.

Nuttall the clown

How the mighty have fallen. UKIP, previously considered something of a threat under toxic buffoon Nigel Farage, managed to win precisely 0 seats last night under new leader Paul Nuttall. This photo seems highly appropriate right now.

Nick Clegg’s heartbreak

Poor old Cleggy. The former Lib Dem leader and former Deputy Prime Minister lost his seat in Sheffield Hallam last night and you could sense the heartbreak inside him when the result was announced. He’d held the seat for 12 years, but locals felt his time was up.

Cook Pass Babtridge

If you’re going to cover up dirty words visible to the public then there’s only one way to do it. The Partridge way.

Fields of wheat

Finally, what election round-up would be complete without some mention of fields of wheat? We have a feeling Theresa might be a little disappointed in the field Alan’s chosen here, though.