Head Brace Analysis: What We’ve Learned From Katy Perry’s New Video

Following a week of being battered over the head by a relentless viral campaign (which included the creation of a fake Twitter account and a video teaser), Katy Perry has finally unleashed the full, eight-minute video for ‘Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)’ And here’s five things we learnt from the retro, teen-movie referencing spectacular.

1: Head braces are a perennial symbol of geek-dom

Katy Perry

No 80s film was complete without an appearance from a character sporting a dental head brace. Played by the likes of Joan Cusack or Anthony Michael Hall, these ever-dependable geeks provided comic foils as they battled, not only with the high-school clique system, but also with the impossibility of getting out of school buses, drinking from fizzy drink cans and magnets thanks to their metal attachments. In homage to those geeks of yor Perry dons a brace and nerd glasses to play her teen alter ego Kathy Beth Terry.

2: Rebecca Black is still a ‘thing’

Katy Perry 2

Well at least in Katy Perry’s eyes…. R-Baz makes a surprise cameo as the owner of the party house and the enabler in Kathy Beth Terry’s make-over. Linger on the above image for a while because this could well be the moment that will be referred to decades later as Black’s floating head populates I Love 2011 and the voice-over sadly asks “was this the moment Black decided to join the Waco-style cult?”

3: Dungeons And Dragons is possibly more fun than real life

Katy Perry

…Well for some. In teen-flicks the geek never gets the girl (just look at Andie and Duckie in Pretty In Pink), but the geek does have a lot of fun imaging he’s D&D character Regdar and that he’d rescued his princess from a combination of ugly sisters, evil stepmothers and/or Camilla Parker Bowles.

4: Makeovers are a necessary evil

Katy PErry

From Grease to Mean Girls there’s one important morality lesson to be learnt from teen movies, that is: it’s not what’s inside that counts, it’s about what’s on the outside that really matters. Remember that kids.

5: Debbie Gibson and Cory Feldman are still working

Katy Perry

Gibson and Feldman take a break from their non-stop 80s Rewind tours/appearances at Comic-Con/Celebrity Apprentice (delete as appropriate) to play “The Parents”. In true teen film form they’ve – DUN DUN DUNNN- come home early from the conference to find Perry strung out the morning after the party. Nice to see they’re still working. See also: poodle-haired sax man Kenny G making a cameo as “Uncle Kenny”.