Help Us Create The Ultimate Indie Family Tree

Chris Martin is a DJ on NME Radio

I love getting people talking about music and last night on the show I decided I’d get the collective NME Radio mind to help me create an Indie Family Tree. I’d been inspired by tracks from Monsters of Folk and Broken Bells on our playlist at the moment, bands fusing together artists we’ve come to know in different bands. Even Thom Yorke’s at it. What we want to do is build the ultimate family tree, where every artist you can think of links to some other artist somehow, and we end up with more inbreeding than the royal family. It’s something that will be constructed of the greatest bands all tied together by supergroups and side projects.

There are certain musicians who never seem to sit still, always coming up with new projects and bands. Take Them Crooked Vultures for example, not just any band but a supergroup (normally a codeword for ‘self-indulgent shite’, but not in this case. Well maybe a little self indulgent). Dave Grohl’s had his calloused drumming fingers in many pies including Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone age and Probot. John Paul Jones might just have been in the greatest group ever and Josh Homme doens’t seem to be happy on his days off unless he’s working with Kyuss, QOTSA or Eagles of Death Metal.

If you want to really blow our minds you’ll want to come up with some threads, bouncing from one band to another and so on. Someone going by the name of ‘The Madame’ sent a tweet to the studio that did just that. QOTSA to Belle & Sebastian via Mark Lanegan (of Screaming Trees fame) who was in QOTSA and also did a project with Isobel Campbell, a former member of Belle & Sebastian is a work of genius! Just goes to show that almost every band can be related to any other.

Hopefully then we can create something that looks comprehensive and impressive, but I expect the end result will be something that no-one can make head nor tail of. I’d love to know about all the musicians who’ve popped up in more than one project. Add your suggestions for the Indie Family Tree below.