Higamos Hogamos – Major Blitzkrieg – Free MP3

Something amazing surfaced the other day, Little Boots back to her homemade cover version best, this time offering a maudlin take on Kid Cudi‘s ‘Day & Night’:

I’ll be honest, the sadness of this song had completely passed me by every time I heard it (usually on Radio 1 somewhere on the M4); Boots really reinforces its painful roots, as acknowledged by Kid Cudi himself.

And on a completely unrelated note, meet Higamos Hogamos. So why should you be interested in two newcomers with such a terrible name?

Higamos Hogamos

They bonded over a love of Kraftwerk and Harmonia.

They’ve been picked up by DC Recordings (home to the inimitable pyschtronic genius Emperor Machine).
They’re never four inches away from the word “kosmiche”.

They sound like a ballsy Fujiya & Miyagi / Can brought into the 21st Century / insert spacey psych/kraut reference here. Just download it and let me know your thoughts. MySpace here.

Download the 22 Inch Wife remix of Major Blitzkrieg here

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