Hounds Of Hate And Hype Williams’ Deranged New Mixtape

Transmitting live from London/your most sordid nightmares/the bottom of your broken heart are Hounds Of Hate and Hype Williams with their new mixtape, Untitled [deuces].

Hounds Of Hate
Hounds Of Hate

It is the sound of black-hearted boogie/ghost funk/a subterranean psychotic episode.

Hounds Of Hate explains: “We’re planning a split 7″ with Hype Williams; mixtape is a precursor to that. Meant to include outtakes and sub-songs, but at times it sounds rather complete. Each band records one side, then the other band adds or deletes stuff until it’s right.”

You can buy the mixtape for just two pounds at the Hounds Of Hate shop (it is worth it for the artwork alone) and download free mp3s of each side here.

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Download side one of Untitled [deuces] by Hounds Of Hate, titled II III Eye feat. Hype Williams here.

Download side two of Untitled [deuces] by Hype Williams, titled II III B feat. Hounds of Hate here.

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