Howling Bells, A Brute Forum, and Everything Everything….

Another busy week for the JD set kicked off with the lovely Juanita Stein, smoky-voiced chanteuse for Aussie rockers Howling Bells choosing her top 5 tunes. Alongside some tunes you could possibly have predicted (Bjork’s sinister masterpiece “Human Behaviour” for example), there were definitely some choices you wouldn’t have expected: the gravel-voiced Tom Waits’s “In The Coloseum”, for example. Howling bells play the JD Set tour in Newcastle next week, and you’d be mad to pass up the chance to see them play an intimate little gig like this, so get on the case and try to win some tickets!

Our next JD Set guest was Matt, drummer from the Brute Chorus, London’s kings of raucous, dark Rockabilly. He’d just come from sessions to mix The Brute Chorus’s debut album, recorded at the Roundhouse, in London, in just one take! Despite the rigours of the recording studio, he was in top form, by turns flummoxed and impressed with the weeks big releases on the Music Forum. Matt’s favourite tune? “Whole World On Its Head” by Post War Years.
Then, on Thursday, Everything Everything gave us one of the sessions of the year so far – seriously, they were amazing: the version of their first single “Suffragette Suffragette” was jaw-droppingly good. Charming fellas too, just as happy to talk about famed poet Ezra Pound as they were to chat about the rigours of touring!

Lots more JD Set stuff next week, including of course, the last chances to get your hands on those precious tickets…..