I Am Arrows, Tame Impala, Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan – This Week’s New Albums Reviewed

Laura Snapes rounds up the key albums released in the UK on Monday 16 August. Read our reviews by clicking on the headlines

Tame Impala – ‘Innerspeaker’
Think Australian proggy psych and the dreaded poodlehead of Wolfmother’s Andrew Stockdale probably gloams into view. But never fear! Wet-eared Oz four-piece Tame Impala understand that cosmic grooves needn’t mean cock rock, as Gavin Haynes judges their debut, ‘Innerspeaker’.

I Am Arrows – ‘Sun Comes Up Again’
Having escaped from Borrell’s dictatorial shackles, Andy Burrow’s debut proper is a sweet songwriterly affair that sees him hankering after lost love, but never his former paymaster; Chris Parkin finds plenty to love in the sunny, heartwarming climes of ‘Sun Comes Up Again’.

Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan – ‘Hawk’
On their first effort together, former twee-peddler Campbell and ex-Screaming Trees man Mark Lanegan came together for an unlikely meeting of love-ravaged minds. Three albums in, and although the gates have opened to new collaborators, says Ash Dosanjh, Campbell’s presence is unjustly waning.

Iron Maiden – ‘The Final Frontier’
Elder statesmen seems far too elegant a phrase to describe Iron Maiden, but despite their 15th studio album brooding on Saga holidays and earning your free bus pass (ie, getting ancient), John Doran finds them in fine, boisterous form.

Little Fish – ‘Baffled And Beat’
Short of a sticker proclaiming “This album is utter cack!” on the cover, Ailbhe Malone reckons there’s few harbingers of doom worse than a glowing recommendation from Courtney Love. With their embarrassingly awful debut, ‘Baffled And Beat’, Little Fish truly earn the err, accolade.

Darker My Love – ‘Alive As You Are’
Barry Nicolson’s inner teenager finds solace in Darker My Love, a band who seem to have grown up tripping on the same psych-pop prime cuts as Barry himself, rendering them excitingly anew on their third record.

Tallest Trees – ‘The Ostrich Or The Lark’
Cutesy Nashville psych-folk duo Tallest Trees impress Katherine Rodgers with their whimsical, but not flimsy fun art pop.

target=”_blank”>Savoir Adore – ‘In The Wooded Forest’
On their first EP, Deirdre Muro and Paul Hammer made concept filth pop about shagging your teacher. According to Mike Williams, their debut album is even weirder…

Matthew Dear – ‘Black City’
By day, US techno producer Audion, by night, minimal techno god Matthew Dear; Tony Naylor finds Dear’s fifth album under his given moniker an exhilarating, surprisingly feeling outing.

Drum Eyes – ‘Gira Gira’
Formerly Nintendo techno monster DJ Scotch Egg, now Shigeru Ishihara fashions great noise omelettes out of doomy riffs and space rock anthems. Ash Dosanjh judges it a tasty mixture.

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