Twitter erupted with tributes today to mark the 32nd anniversary of Joy Division frontman singer Ian Curtis' death. We asked our own followers to share their memories. The results were as heartfelt and moving as you'd expect - proving that the cult of Ian Curtis, far from diminishing over time, seems to be becoming more intense with every passing year.

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[subhead]Eva Mercedes Reichmann[/subhead]
He was such a beautiful and kind man. His deepness his greatest talent and also his greatest foe.

[subhead]Stephanie Jayne Scott[/subhead]
On 1st November 1979 my music life changed forever by seeing Joy Division for the first and sadly only time. RIP.

[subhead]Neil Trout[/subhead]
Recently discovered the pain that IC's family went through, and 32 years on must still feel. A beautiful man that'll never be forgotten. Dance, dance, dance...

[subhead]Luke Ballard[/subhead]Such an inspiration to music throughout his life and now even more after his death, it's so true that love will tear us apart, but you brought us back together.

[subhead]David Tyc[/subhead]
"When routine bites hard and ambitions are lowAnd resentment rides high but emotions won't grow" - timeless.



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